Is it a bird…on a plane? Angry falcon takes down model planes that pose threat to her nest

This aggressive falcon didn’t enjoy model plane enthusiasts getting too close to her nest – taking down their gliders in mid-air.

Falcon takes down glider.

The peregine falcon attacking the model plane

The peregrine took off like a shot attacking at least two planes which fell to the ground.

Falcon takes down glider.

The peregrine falcon defended it’s nest by taking down the planes

Photographer John Qiu snapped the rapid bird, whose nest sits in one of the parks in South Bay, Los Angeles, USA.

Falcon takes down glider.

The high speed action proved difficult to photograph but John still managed to capture these incredible photographs

John, 55, revealed the bird – which can reach speeds of up to 200mp – was trying to protect its home.

Falcon takes down glider.

The falcon can travel up to speeds of 200mph and managed to take down 2 planes in its assault

He said: “A female peregrine felt the model planes were a threat to her nest on the cliff and wouldn’t stop until it had taken them down.

“Peregrines are rare and super-fast, which makes it very challenging to photograph.

“They are also an interesting species – the peregrine’s unparalleled flight speed and skills have emboldened it to do amazing and surprising things.

“They don’t seem to be afraid of anything, be it remote-controlled planes, people, or big dogs.

“A peregrine won’t hesitate to go after anything that’s too close to its nest.”