Instant regret! Feisty honey badger flung 20ft into air after attacking oryx

These hilarious photos show the awkward moment a honey badger instantly regretted his decision – as he was flung 20ft into the air after attempting to attack an oryx.

Dirk Theron, 45, from Cape Town, South Africa, was visiting Etosha National Park when he spotted the fighting pair.

Pic Dirk Theron/Caters News

The photos show the honey badger approaching the oryx but despite being flung 20ft into the air he refuses to give up and keeps on coming back for more.

Dirk added: “My favorite image, is the one where the badger charges the oryx and the oryx crouches down, ready to defend.

“The honey badger came to the waterhole to have a drink. The oryx was already there, just milling about and minding its own business.

Pic Dirk Theron/Caters News

“The next moment the honey badger just started attacking the oryx for no apparent reason.

“It kept on charging at the oryx, then the oryx would hook the badger between its horns and toss him five or six meters into the air.

“The first time I thought the honey badger must be dead or seriously injured, but it just got up, shook itself and then charge at the oryx again!

Pic Dirk Theron/Caters News

“In all my years travelling in Africa, I have never seen anything like that.

“Honey badgers has a reputation for being aggressive and taking on any animal that gets in its way, but seeing it happen in real life left me speechless!”