Insta-ham: With more than 93,000 followers, meet the micro pig that’s hogging the limelight on Instagram

Some might say Hamlet the micro pig is hogging the limelight, but her adorable costumes have made her into a hit on Instagram.

Having captured the hearts of more than 93,000 followers on the social network, the micro pig is bacon care of business when it comes to dress up.

Insta Ham Pig

The adorable pig wearing a cute costume

The nine-month-old miniature pig, who is named after Lady Hamlet from the Shakespeare play, is no boar when it comes to style and can be seen wearing a tutu, a flower crown or even a unicorn suit in the name of fancy dress.

Insta Ham Pig

The handsome hog wearing a bow tie

But despite her diminutive size, Hamlet from Pasadena, California loves to be outside and go on adventures with her owners, Melanie and Armando Gomez.

The pair, who are both financial planners for New York Life, bought Hamlet from a breeder when she was six month’s old.

Insta Ham Pig

Insta-ham: The popular pig now has thousands of followers on social media site, Instagram

They were then encouraged to set up an Instagram account by her family and friends after the couple started to capture snaps of the fashion savvy pig.

Insta Ham Pig

Hamlet the pig wearing a fetching chefs hat

Melanie said: “Never in a million years did I think Hamlet would be so popular.

“I joined Instagram for fun and to capture her growth as a piglet, I never thought so many people would enjoy her Instagram.

“My husband and I love Hamlet so much, we take her everywhere so her Instagram captures all the little adventures.

“My guess on why it has attracted so many followers is because she is an unusual pet and she’s just so darn cute.

“I believe everyone needs a little silly and cute in their daily lives.”