Inquisitive giraffes caught by camera lurking below

A group of inquisitive giraffes have caught a camera lurking below them on the ground.

PIC FROM Richard Carey/Caters News

The adorable photographs, taken by Richard Ian Carey, 43, show the giraffes peering into the camera lens.

While visiting Laikipia Wilderness Camp, Kenya, earlier this year Richard was able to get the unique shots while his camera was on a time lapse.

PIC FROM Richard Carey/Caters News

Richard said: “I placed the cameras on the ground where I expected animals to come, with the camera set on time lapse photo mode taking a photo every five seconds.

“I placed the cameras at the water’s edge of a small lake where animals come to drink.

PIC FROM Richard Carey/Caters News

“Most of the time I do underwater photography but I regularly go to Kenya where my brother has a safari camp, Lakipia Wilderness Safaris.”