Indonesian teacher forms friendship with 28 stone pet tiger

An Indonesian family keeps a huge BENGAL TIGERas a pet in their home.

Shocking photos show owner Abdullah Saleh, 36, kissing the 10-year-old big cat, called Mulan Jamila.

Pic from Novan /Sijori Images/ CATERS NEWS

Abdullah has hand-reared the 28st 6lbs animal in a yard at his home in Malang, East Java, Indonesia, since he was three months old and claims the pair have formed an amazing friendship.

Every day Mulan and Abdullah play with each other – with Abdullah not afraid to hug, tease and even KISS the three metre-long animal, who eats 10kg of chicken or goat meat a day.

Abdullah even claims to sleep alongside the big cat in her enclosure – but admitted he has been left with scratch marks across his face from the animal’s rough play.

The single teacher said: “Mulan feels anxious when I am not around. At times she wants me to sleep in her enclosure and I oblige.

Pic from Novan /Sijori Images/ CATERS NEWS

“She was so little at first, but now Mulan weighs 400lbs.

“She is three metres long, including her long tail, and has a height of one metre.

“She is very playful. She is just like a cat, a big cat who has her own instinct.

“When she is playing she can scratch and bite, and at times she fights with me.

“Those are just a few of the risks that I have to face, but I enjoy playing with her.

Pic from Novan /Sijori Images/ CATERS NEWS

“She is my best friend and I enjoy my time taking care of her.”

Abdullah, a teacher at Al Ainul Baahirooh Islamic boarding school, was tasked with taking care of the cub when she was donated to the school by her previous owner – but soon formed a permanent friendship with her.

He has earned the nickname ‘nanny’ in his village for taking care of the huge tiger.

He dedicatedly feeds, bathes, and plays with the tiger every day, and in return of his devotion, he is showered with hugs and kisses by Mulan.

Pic from Novan /Sijori Images/ CATERS NEWS

But the tiger often mistakenly puts her long, sharp claws into Abdullah’s face and hands.

Abdullah, who has several scratch marks on his face and hands, said he likes rough play with his pet.

He said: “Mulan Jamillah was donated when she was just three months old.

“I was asked to be her caretaker. It was a part-time job but soon I formed a bond with the adorable cub and happily dedicated most of my time to look after her.

“We have been friends for 10 years now. She lives with me at my home.

“She is a big girl now.”