Incredibly intense wildcat show down: But who comes out on top?

This incredible footage shows an amazing showdown between two African cats: a Caracal and an African wildcat.

The video was captured by Warrick Davies, in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park  – which is on the border between South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

Pic by Simon Smith/Caters News

The 30-year-old field guide was amazed that he managed to capture the intense moment the two cats met and battled it out.

Warrick, 30, said:  “This has to be one of the most spectacular sightings I have ever had. It was only the second caracal I have ever seen in the wild and to see the interaction with another rare cat makes even more extraordinary.

“My friend, Simon, and I had spotted the caracal lying up at the base of the large camel thorn, staring up into the branches.

“We thought it was watching birds flying around in the tree, but on closer inspection, we noticed there was an African wildcat perched high up in the branches.

“The caracal made a move towards the wildcat and the wildcat performed a death-defying dive from the 15m high camel thorn, landed on all four paws on the ground, but the caracal was not far behind.

Pic by Simon Smith/Caters News

“It took a few steps down the tree and then launched itself after the wildcat. The caracal landed in a cloud of dust and was immediately up and after the wildcat.

“I lost view of the cats as they ran through the grass, thus ending the video, but moments later  they reappeared with the caracal snatching and killing the wildcat.“