Incredible pictures show pod of orcas breaching close to kayakers

This dramatic footage show one kayaker’s close encounter with one of nature’s most remarkable animals – killer whales.

Kayaker Mia Constanse Gylseth, came across the incredible pod of orcas whilst paddling through the crystal clear waters of the Lofoten islands in Norway.

Mia, 30, was on a late night kayak when she came across the pod.

She said: “The sight of these enormous mammals is the most incredible experience – and such a joy to capture! 

“They’re giant and gentle at the same time, and perfectly fits the dramatic scenery in the Lofoten islands.


“A pod of orcas with babies were close and I was sitting silently in the kayak for hours while they were swimming around. 

“I feel so grateful to have experienced such a close encounter with the orcas. 

“Knowing that the oceans are home to half the world’s biodiversity at the same time that human interference presents the biggest threat to them is tragic and a huge reminder to do what we can do for the oceans. 

“Kayaking with orcas was amazing and they will always have a place in my heart.”