Incredible optical illusion shot captures two headed cheetah

It’s double trouble for anyone who gets in the way of this cheetah!

These impressive images taken in the Masai Mara seem to show a large feline that has two heads, making it a very scary prospect for any kind of prey.

PIC FROM Saeed Al Jafar / Caters News

The clever optical illusion was snapped by Saeed Al Jafar, after he’d been following a coalition of five cheetahs for over four days.

Saeed, a businessman from Kuwait, said: “I was following the cheetahs from morning to evening waiting for them to chase and hunt.

“They were quite far away from us but I managed to capture them with a long lens.”

Saeed said that cheetahs look in all directions for prey, so in this case, having two heads is definitely better than one!