Incredible moment captured on film as shark follows diver

This incredible image was snapped as a blue shark seemed to sneak up on a diver and follow him.

Captured in the Archipelago of the Azores, this ominous scene seems a little concerning.

Wildlife photographer Fabrice Guerin, 50, captured the image as he and his teammates took to the water to spot the mighty beasts.

PIC BY Fabrice Guerin / CATERS NEWS

Despite their sinister appearance, Fabrice says that the sharks are actually curious and quite shy creatures.

Fabrice said: “This world is fascinating because Nature is prioritized over all. An animal doesn’t lie, it’s authentic and that is what I like.

PIC BY Fabrice Guerin / CATERS NEWS

“Me and my team were there for a report on sperm whales. After a long time without any encounters, we decided to return back to the harbour.

“On our way back, we observed a lot of birds on the surface. Suddenly our local guide screamed ‘blue shark!’, so we decided to slide in the water and join them.

PIC BY Fabrice Guerin / CATERS NEWS

“Underwater, I saw the sharkswimming fast to the surface and, seconds after, I took the shot of him with a great shearwater on his jaws.

“A few minutes later, probably because of the smell of the pray, two other curious blue sharks joined us, turning around the place.

“That was the moment when I took the photo of one of the blue sharks following my buddy. It was very funny.

“Sometimes when you take pictures, you are focused on a subject and you forget the environment. It’s a privilege when the Nature offers you a moment like this.

“With its slender silhouette, big eyes and long nose, blue sharklook like a cartoon character. It is very curious and shy, but it is actually real and vulnerable!

PIC BY Fabrice Guerin / CATERS NEWS

“Blue sharkis not a threat for us, but unfortunately sports fishing and palangre fish has greatly reduced the population more than 90% in 30 years.

“Unfortunately, I am also a witness of its degradation: climate change, overfishing, pollution, poaching… So much damage we are imposing on it.

PIC BY Fabrice Guerin / CATERS NEWS

“Human being is the only responsible of the health of our planet, and we need solutions but it is never easy to establish them, especially because the effects are not immediate.”