Incredible moment 400lb bear balances on man’s back

This is the shocking moment that a 400lb bear clambers on top of his owners back and balances there.

Incredibly the massive bear isn’t trained to do this – she’s just playing around with her buddy.

At 14 years old and 400lbs Amy the Syrian bear could certainly do some damage if she wanted to, but luckily it seems that her and Jim are friends.


Amy lives at Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville NY after the breeding program she was in failed.

Kerry Clair of Orphaned Wildlife Center Inc said: “These bears were captive born to captive born parents from a breeding program to try to save the Syrian bear.


“When the program failed, we took in these cubs. They could never be released because it is illegal to release non-native species here, and they could not be released in Syria.

“They love to play with Jim and do this to him all the time if they can!

“We just laugh – they absolutely love to play and wrestle and consider Jim their playmate.”