Incredible footage shows giraffe managing to walk with lion clinging on to its back before surviving four hour ordeal

 A brave giraffe managed to walk through plains with a lion clinging on to its back before surviving a four-hour-long hunting ordeal.

 During a safari through the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, South Africa, on January 18, guide Emily Whiting and her group were treated to a unique view.

Pic by Klaserie Drift/Caters News

 A pride of six hungry lions had spotted an injured giraffe and pounced as the animal started eating, with two clinging to its back while another pair aimed for its legs.

 For more than two minutes the lion hung on, before jumping off the exhausted giraffe and going in for the kill.

 Despite bleeding badly from its leg wound, the giraffe kicked at the lions for more than four hours before they finally gave up and left their potential prey alone.

Emily, a guide at the 5* resort, said: “I have certainly never seen anything like it.

Pic by Klaserie Drift/Caters News

“It is a one in a lifetime sighting even amongst seasoned guides.

“My guests and I were amazed – we stayed at the sighting for over three hours as the temperature increased and breakfast time passed – we couldn’t tear ourselves away.

“I knew we would likely never see anything like it again so certainly did not want to miss a single second.

“In the end we were disappointed that the lions had missed their meal but all of us were impressed by the giraffe’s fight for life.

 “He deserved to live another day.”