Incredible footage shows friendly Arctic fox greeting explorers

This incredible footage shows the moment a beautiful white Arctic Fox comes up to a group of explorers in the Canadian Arctic.

The stunning little fox even sniffs the boots of the Expedition Leader before becoming bored and curling back up to keep warm.


These usually shy creatures are confined to freezing Arctic tundra habitats and they’re very well adapted to the cold – they don’t start shivering until about -70 °C (−94 °F).

The expedition team came to affectionately know the fox as ‘Spot’ after it began to regularly visit the group.

Arctic Kingdom Expedition Leader of seven years, Dave Briggs, took this amazing footage while he was out on one of his recent expeditions, Polar Bear Migration Fly-In Photo Safari, in November.


“Spot was the boldest and the most dominant of the small band of Arctic fox that would visit us regularly.  Apart from being around the camp compound it wasn’t uncommon for Spot to suddenly appear when we were out on walks with our guests.

“I was on my belly getting a good angle photo of the sea ice when Spot suddenly comes into view and walks towards me and cresting the mound of kelp immediately in front of me.

“After a short while he decided he wanted to check me out and that’s exactly what you see in the video.

“I have a lifelong passion for nature and wildlife.  I believe, for the most part, wild animals have an innate sense of when to trust and when to feel threatened.


“They are also very much in tune with their environment and constantly learning from their experiences.

“I have been able to sit in close proximity to a fox in the past, but it is not common. When it does happen it’s magical and fills me with joy.

“When we first arrived at the cabins, Arctic fox were wary of us, and would only come around the camp in the early morning before sunrise and in the evening after sunset.  During the course of our 6 week season at our remote camp, they became more comfortable with our presence. ”