Incredible close-ups of nosey polar bear investigating camera

A wildlife photographer was left stunned after a polar bear got up close and personal with his camera.

Nosey Polar Bear

Up close and personal: The curious polar bear peering into the camera

Brave snapper Bill Drumm, 29, captured the softer side of the enormous animal as it investigated his equipment.

Nosey Polar Bear

Captured by photographer, Bill Drumm, the polar bear was keen to show a softer side

The bear, nicknamed Scar, got cosy with Bill who was riding a Tundra buggy through Churchill in Manitoba, Canada.

As he approached, quick-thinking Bill hung his camera out of the window just inches from its nose.

Nosey Polar Bear

After leaning on his back legs, the polar bear, known locally as Scar, decided to try and get a closer look

Scar, about 11ft tall on his hind legs, roamed around the wagon but did stop briefly to feast on a carcass.

Bill, from Monterey in California, USA, said: “Out of nowhere the bear got up and headed straight for our buggy.

Nosey Polar Bear

Quick thinking Bill then dangled his camera over the edge of the vehicle to capture the amazing moment on camera

“I was taking a photo of him when suddenly he jumped up on his back legs and stood right up to the side of the vehicle.

“When he was up there he took a few big whiffs of the air and looked around at the surprised people inside.

“Everyone was really shocked the first time he jumped up like that.

“I couldn’t believe my luck that my camera was ready and waiting for the bear to take his own selfie.”