Impaled impala in vicious standoff

An impala impales his rival after a vicious standoff over his spot.

The two males tangle over territory and to show dominance during the mating season before one punctures the other in the stomach.

Pic by Nkosi Sibanda / Caters News

The impala’s horn can be seen going through the skin of his enemy as they butt heads.

Nature guide and keen photographer, Nkosi Sibanda, captured the scene at the Moremi Game Reserve, in Botswana and also runs photography tours.

Nkosi said: “I wasn’t shocked at all, it’s an interaction that I’ve always wanted to capture.

Pic by Nkosi Sibanda / Caters News

“My favourite image is when they were tangled together and struggle to pull apart.

“Male impalas fight a lot during the mating season, fighting for dominance and also territory. These fights sometimes end up in death.”

Pic by Nkosi Sibanda / Caters News

The Impala gives his rival a sharp jab on the bum to warn him off and send him on his way.