Impal-ressive! Incredible footage shows mirror image of impalas at watering hole

By Kristiana Hall

This incredible footage shows a mesmerising mirrored image of wild impalas gathering at a watering hole.

Barbara Jensen Vorster, 57, from Johannesburg, South Africa, was visiting Indlovu River Lodge when a group of impalas descended on the nearby watering hole last month.

The photographer managed to capture and film the reflection in the river, causing an impressive mirrored image.

Pic by Barbara Jensen Vorster/Caters News

Barbara, a marketing and communication executive said: “I love the reflection in the water and how they know we are in the hide.

Pic by Barbara Jensen Vorster/Caters News

“I normally do not take photos or videos of impalas as they are so common in the bush.

Pic by Barbara Jensen Vorster/Caters News

“All of a sudden, the impalas arrived and after a couple of minutes of taking still photos, I decided to shoot some video too.”