I’ll get by with a little help from my friends! Heart-warming pictures show the curious bond between some truly unlikely animal friends

It might be a dog eat dog world but – as these pictures prove – best friends come in all shapes and sizes.

These fluffy, feathered and furry friends are making no secret of the fact that they’re perfect pals even though their choice of chum might seem questionable at first glance.

Unusual Animal Friends

An owl and fox buddy up

The bizarre buddies include a Maasai giraffe who appears to have found an ally in two tiny birds and a welcoming warthog happy to give his comrade, a crow, a piggyback ride.

A Northern sea otter is also pictured relaxing in the water with a Common Goldeneye drake, while a Persian cat is seen cuddling up on the sofa with a rat.

Unusual Animal Friends

A cute penguin and a seal hang out

Elsewhere a Tasmanian Devil nuzzles it’s companion, a kangaroo, in Tasmania, Australia and a Red Deer proves particularly popular with a group of jackdaws.

A Green Sea Turtle also appears to be getting on swimmingly with three Remora fish during a dip in the Red Sea, while a Jack Russel finds a firm friend in a fox cub during a walk in Bedfordshire, UK.

The heart-warming images taken by a host of photographers from all around the world prove that no matter what species, we all need a little help from our friends.

Unusual Animal Friends

A Jack Russell and fox frolic through the grass

Unusual Animal Friends

Duck and otter float around

Unusual Animal Friends

A Tasmanian devil and Forester Kangaroo in Tasmania