I sloth you! Rescued sloth shows the love after being rescued from illegal pet traders

These are the heart-warming pictures of a two-toed sloth being released into the wild – after rescuers believe illegal pet traders killed his mother to sell him for profit.

Baby Sloth rescued

The lovable two-toed sloth on his way to be released into the wild

The adorable youngster, who rescuers named Vish, was saved after neighbours spotted him being kept illegally and called in authorities.

Baby Sloth rescued

The beautiful little sloth, known as Vish, came to the attention of authorities after neighbour noticed it was being kept illegally

And now, after weeks of rehabilitation, he is finally well enough to return to his natural habitat – and rescuers were able to take these adorable snaps of his first forage into the wild.

Baby Sloth rescued

It took the youngster weeks to recover from his ordeal but was finally released into a protected area

Vish was taken to Neotropical Primate Conservation, a non-profit rescue and conservation organization based in Peru.

Baby Sloth rescued

Despite being a victim of the exotic pets trade, the loving creature is now happily living in the trees

Noga Shanee, a primate conservationist, said: “As soon as Vish was put in the trees he quickly climbed up while singing a little happy sloth song and started eating in the trees.

“We decided to release him at this young age as he was taken from the wild relatively late and was much happier out in the trees than anywhere else.

“It’s an especially happy rescue because when he first came to us, there was a frightening period when Vish just seemed to give up.

“He stopped eating and we thought he wasn’t going to make it but we persevered and Vish was determined.

“After this small pause in his rehabilitation, he recovered his appetite and then there was no stopping him.”

Vish spent two weeks recovering at NPC, until rescuers decided he was ready to start living in the wild again.

He was then released into a protected area where he’ll stay safe from poachers.

Vish is yet another victim of the illegal exotic animal trade which affects animals worldwide and the NPC believe his mother may have been killed in order to separate him in infancy.

Luckily for Vish, he was picked up and rescued by the right people and can now live happily.