Hurt pride! Lioness rejects insistent male suitor – by punching him in the face

This lion was definitely left with hurt PRIDE after his determination to find a mate failed to pay off – when he was punched in the face by a frustrated lioness.

Pic by Paras Chandaria/Caters News

Businessman and passionate wildlife photographer Paras Chandaria, 35, caught the shocking moment the king was rejected and had to scrap to balance his crown in Nairobi, Kenya.

Pic by Paras Chandaria/Caters News

After crossing a river, the male had attempted to entice the female but she soon stopped him in his tracks by lashing out with her paw.

Paras said, “The female lion was much smaller than the male but her attitude and her massive sharp paws threw the male lion backwards.

“These pictures show attitude matters!

“It was a special moment, where you could see even the king was scrapping for safety.”