Hungry like the wolf: Lucky magpies make a speedy escape from jackal

These two magpies were practically jumping for joy after they made this quick getaway.

They leapt to flight when a hungry Golden Jackal went after them in a snowy ambush.

Pic by Nikolay Plamenov/Caters News

It was a close shave for the lucky magpies with the jackal only feet behind them as they took off.

Nikolay Plamenov, 39, captured this incredible momen in Shumen, Bulgaria this January.

He said: ““We are not in Africa and it is not that easy to see some wildlife action, so I was glad just to be able to photograph a jackal.

Pic by Nikolay Plamenov/Caters News

“But suddenly he rushed towards the magpies. These birds are not the usual prey for the jackals and I am pretty sure the jackal was not going to chase them.

“I just had a feeling that the magpies provoked the jackal for some reason. I would say the magpies just made the jackal mad just with their presence.

“And he looked really angry. There was a moment when it seemed the jackal would grasp the bird – but the birds are quite fast and cautious and this time they were lucky enough to escape

Pic by Nikolay Plamenov/Caters News

“I am fond of wildlife photography and this was a usual shooting – I was lucky to see a golden jackal and actually I did not expect any action shots.

“And the jackal relaxed just after the birds disappeared from his sight.

“Of course I feel happy I saw this action and have been able to photograph and make some descent shots.”