Hungry fallow deer wade into pond to steal bread from ducks

These three hungry deer decided it was time for an afternoon snack and waded into a nearby pond to nick bread from the ducks.

The cheeky fallow deer paddled around among ducks and geese, gobbling up the crumbs scattered for the birds – making for some stunning photos.


And Matthew Cattell, 33, who watched the unusual scene unfold on Monday in Bushy Park, London, was on hand to capture some striking snaps of the herd’s mischievous behaviour.

Matthew from Bracknell, London, said: “I like the pose of the photo I find sort of the grouping quite pleasing.

“The reflections are really what drew my interest – of the three deer in the water. I think this is probably my favourite photograph of the deer.

“It’s definitely starting to feel autumnal now and the colours are changing quite rapidly in places.


“This was an afternoon shot and I’d had a bit of spare time so I decided to pop over.

“We’re coming up to the autumn rutting season for the deer so I went to spy out to see if the deer were starting to show the signs of that sort of behaviour.

“I was literally packing up to go home and I just happened to spot something going on.

“I waited for about 10 minutes for them to sort of arrange themselves in the sort of grouping to take the photograph – so I almost drove off without the photo at all.

“Feedback on the photos has been largely positive, general sort of praise and back-patting really.

“The deer were eating the bread that people were feeding to the ducks – they were incredibly tame.


“I wouldn’t normally get that close to deer because even though it was a park setting they are still wild animals.

“They can behave quite spontaneously and you can’t always predict what they’re going to do.”

Recently becoming a full-time photographer, Matthew enjoys taking pictures of wildlife in particular due to his love for the great outdoors.

Matthew said: “My primary interests have been coastal photography recently but I’ve also spent a lot of time photographing the puffins on Skomer Island.

“I’ve also been walking along the bank of the River Thames just photographing wildlife I come across in a more urban setting.

“Deer have been my long-standing project – I have taken quite a few pictures of them.

“This has been a long-term personal project I’ve been doing for the past three years.

“I’ve recently gone from part-time to full-time so I’ve got more opportunities now – I’m still getting used to calling myself a professional photographer.

“Although I’ve been taking pictures for years I’m enjoying this and it’s very rewarding.”