Hungry elephant think it’s a giraffe!

A hungry elephant has been caught on camera teetering up on its hind legs and stretching to reach food- just like its fellow safari animal the GIRAFFE.

Elephant Thinks Its A Giraffe

Leaning back on its hind legs, the elephant stretches for some tasty leaves

The confused elephant can be seen reaching up into the branches of the trees to try and reach some food.

Elephant Thinks Its A Giraffe

Taken by photographer, Giovanni Casini, the elephant appears to take on the behaviour of a giraffe by reaching the tops of trees

Giovanni Casini, 35, from Pisa, Italy took these stunning pictures in Mana Pools Park, in the north of Zimbabwe.

Elephant Thinks Its A Giraffe

Giovanni couldn’t believe he managed to capture the unusual behaviour on camera

Giovanni, who is currently living in South Africa, started taking pictures as a hobby four years ago but he was amazed to catch this hungry elephant on camera, acting just like a giraffe.

Elephant Thinks Its A Giraffe

Using its incredible strength, the elephant manages to effortlessly pull a whole branch of down from the tree

Giovanni said: “It was dawn, the forest was silent, the air full of dust and my three friends and I were alone. All of a sudden we saw the bull elephant and we followed him for a while.

Suddenly, he was up on his hind legs and it was quite a show to see a creature as massive as this standing on the back legs and pulling away an entire brance with his trunk like it was nothing.

“It is very rare for elephants to stand on their back legs because of their weight.

“I think it is really amusing and quite impressive to see have seen the elephant standing on its back legs and reaching up like a giraffe.

“The elephant was straining for food  because it is the dry season and low vegetation is scarce.”