Hungry eagle eyes dinner as gull goes in for fish

A hungry eagle ambushed an unlucky gull when he least expected it as he made his way to the water to catch herring.

Shayne McGuire was on the Alaskan coast when she captured the amazing action shots of the bald eagle attacking its prey in mid-air before taking it back to its nest.

Shayne McGuire/Caters News

The photographer was watching humpback whales feeding in the water from a boat nearby when she witnessed the encounter.

She said: “The whales were blowing bubbles under the water, trapping thousands of herring in the bubbles, causing them to form a bait ball.

“The gulls will circle overhead to try to dive down and hit the bait ball before the whales come up when I noticed an eagle launch out of a
tree on the shore.

“So I locked my lens on the eagle and begin tracking it. To my surprise, the eagle dove in and hit the gull, the gull got out of the water and took off again, but the eagle circled back and came after it again.

Shayne McGuire/Caters News

“The eagle grabbed the gull again and started carrying it back to shore. It dropped the gull into the water three more times before
carrying it off into the trees, most likely to a nest with young chicks.”

Shayne described it as a rare experience and was amazed she was able to capture the special moment on camera.

She said: “This was a once in a lifetime show, I felt like I was watching a BBC documentary.

“Eagles are opportunists. They will usually let someone else do the work, then take the prize. This one must have had chicks to feed in the trees and wanted something bigger than a herring.”