Hungry cubs hover at shoreline watching majestic grizzly bear mum catching dinner

These photographs show a tribe of bear cubs eagerly awaiting their dinner – which is being caught by their mother in front of them.

These natural photographs show the incredible moment a bear catches a fish right before her children’s eyes.

Pic by Ben Cranke/Caters News –

The mother shows exactly how skilled bears are at catching their prey, with quick swift, yet terrifying, movements.

And the hungry cubs that are waiting at the side of the lake cannot hide their excitement, as they are eagerly climbing on top of one another in hope that they will get to the food first.

Pic by Ben Cranke/Caters News

Pic by Ben Cranke/Caters News

These incredible photographs were taken by Ben Cranke at the Katmai National Park in Alaska.

Ben said: “The female Grizzly had four small cubs who were only a few months old.

Pic by Ben Cranke/Caters News

“While she was foraging for salmon in the lake, the cubs would watch her closely from the shore, swimming in to her if she caught a salmon to get a bite.

“Being cubs they were also constantly getting up to mischief on the shoreline – including some forays in my direction to have a closer look at me.”