Hundreds of birds shock passersby as they suddenly dart into the waters below

This incredible footage of a gannet feeding frenzy looks like something out of a warplane movie, as hundreds of the swarming birds then rapidly shot into the waters below.


Filmed incredibly close to shore, the birds can be seen moving above the Notre Dame Bay, in Summerford, Newfoundland, Canada, before entering the water at incredible speed.

Summerford resident Lori Ann Goodyear, who captured the footage, compared the moment the birds reemerged with their share of herring to watching popcorn pop.

Shocked Lori Ann, 45, said she had seen gannets in flocks of up to five before – but never as many as this flock, which easily measured in the hundreds.

Citizens in the town, which has a population of around 1,200, had never seen anything like the scenes that took place on June 8 this year, either, Lori Ann said.


The gannets are believed to have come so close to land because offshore, in the Atlantic Ocean, where they usually fee, a large amount of pack ice had moved down from the north, making it impossible for the birds to feed on the fish below the surface.

Lori Ann’s clip of the natural phenomenon received more than 436,000 views on Facebook.

She said: “We were very surprised when we saw the gannets in such a huge flock.

“Usually you’d see one to five flying together, but on this day there were hundreds.


“My husband at first thought it was whales, the spray coming from their blow hole as they broke the water, but the splashing we saw was actually the gannets diving down into the water.

“We pulled over in our vehicle, onto the side of the road, and started filming them.

“You never know what beauty you are going to see from day to day living in rural Newfoundland.”