Huh? Photographer captures funny photo as muddled monkey strikes a confused pose for the camera 

Mogens Trolle / Caters News 

This muddled monkey doesn’t appear to have a clue what’s going on as he stares at the camera with a confused look on his face.

The puzzled primate was captured looking rather bewildered with an open mouth, a glazed look in his eyes and a hand to his face – just like a human.

Mogens Trolle / Caters News

Wildlife biologist and photographer, Mogens Trolle, took the funny shot of the Japanese macaque, also known as a snow monkey, during a trip to the Jigokudani Monkey Park in Japan.

The 49-year-old, from Denmark, took the picture as part of his ‘Eye Contact’ series which has seen him travel all over the globe photographing the strange facial expressions of animals.

He said: “The young snow monkey was chewing on the fur of its wrist and making strange faces at the same time. I have absolutely no idea why.

“As part of my ‘Eye Contact’ photo project, over the last three years I have travelled to Gabon, Uganda, Ethiopia, China and now Japan, specifically to take portraits of some of the most charismatic wild primates focusing on their eyes and facial expressions.

Mogens Trolle / Caters News

“To me, of all mammals, the intelligent primates are the ones with the most interesting and varied facial expressions.

“This series of images is a good example of why I love photographing our closest relatives.

“They are so engaging and oftentimes hilarious. When you see expressions like these, you cannot help but wonder what is going on behind the eyes.

“It is this personality, this soul, that I try to capture.”

The Japanese macaque lives in the snowy mountains of Japan, hence the nick name ‘snow monkey’.

Unlike other monkeys, they can survive very cold temperatures and at Jigokudani Monkey Park, it often drops to -15 degrees.

They bath in the hot springs to keep warm.