Horse or hound? Giant dog and tiny pony are best friends and identical

A pony and a dog have become best friends… thanks to the fact they are almost IDENTICAL.

Horse and Hound

The nearly identical Great Dane and pony

Great Dane Joker and miniature pony Tigger’s friendship blossomed when their owner Ronnie Jones introduced them at her stables.

Horse and Hound

The pair’s relationship blossomed when their owner introduced them at her stables

And now, despite getting unusual looks when Ronnie takes them for a walk, the pair are rarely separated.

Horse and Hound

Unlikely duo, Tigger the pony and Joker the dog are now inseparable

In these incredible pictures, Tigger and Joker can be seen hoofing around and given a wide berth by shocked passers-by.

Horse and Hound

The pair’s distinctive black and white markings make them nearly identical

Ronnie, 63, from Summercourt, Cornwall, said: “It is such a pleasure for me to have two animals that get on so well – they’re the best of friends – even if we do get some funny looks!”

As a Harlequin Great Dane, three-year-old Joker’s black and white markings are distinctive and almost identical to Tigger – a miniature spotted stallion.

And as tiny 15-year-old Tigger is just 34 inches tall, the two measure up at about the same height.

It makes the pair almost indistinguishable and all the more amusing that they are the animal kingdom’s unlikely couple.

Despite the age gap, the pair have been inseparable since Ronnie got Joker as a puppy.

On walks, Joker cuddles up to Tigger and the pair settle next to one another at Ronnie’s stable when she goes to muck out.

When Ronnie shows Tigger at horse shows all over the country, Joker goes along for the ride and watches patiently as Tigger parades in the ring.

And if Ronnie is giving Tigger a blow-dry before a horse show, the pair even cosy up in her kitchen.

Award-winning Tigger has even been named Champion Miniature Stallion at the Horse of the Year show and Supreme Champion Miniature Horse at Rawlington National Horse Show as Joker watched on.

Sculptor Ronnie has owned Great Danes and horses for over 20 years.

She said: “It’s adorable to see them next to each other – they snuggle when they’re next to each other, and Joker goes in to kiss Tigger on the nose.

“But when they are out together they tend to get a lot of double takes.

“We regularly get people pulling out their camera phones to snap the phenomena of a horse and pony the same size strolling through the village.

“We once even have a lady pull up in her car at red lights, wind down her window to take a picture and then cause a traffic jam behind her because the lights had changed!

“But although they are real sweeties, it’s important to remember that they are both energetic animals.

“Great Danes are big and strong and need a lot of exercise – owners have to make sure they’ve got enough space to provide that for them.

“They are very powerful dogs, it’s easy to rush in too quickly – I feel lucky that I can offer them a home in the countryside with plenty of room, for Joker as well as Tigger.

“Most of the Tigger and Joker are very well-behaved but I am very careful when we’re out in the fields – I’d never want their gently playing to get out of hand and become a full-on chase!

“It’s about being a responsible owner and understanding the needs of both animals.”