Hope you packed your trunks! Funny series of pictures show elephant diving into water before completely submerging himself in a bid to cool down

By Michael Scott 

This is one elephant who definitely needed to pack his trunks after he was pictured diving into a waterhole and almost completely disappearing.

The playful elephant clearly wasn’t scared of jumping in at the deep end as he submerged himself in water at the Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa.

Ayesha Cantor/Caters News

Photographer, Ayesha Cantor, took the hilarious series of pictures on a baking hot day.

The 50-year-old, from Port Elizabeth, said temperatures had soared and the elephant was desperately trying to cool down.

He said: “It was almost too hot to keep cameras out of the window and into the baking sunshine, which is how I got caught off-guard and almost missed the shots.

“With 100 plus elephant off all shapes and sizes drinking, playing, trumpeting, mud wrestling, meeting and greeting and a never-ending stream still coming – there was so much going on around the waterhole that I did not know where to even look or point my camera so I had it on my laps just enjoying the scenes around us with my eyes.

Ayesha Cantor/Caters News

“A particularly big fellow passed right by our car, impressive enough to grab a snap of him. He snatched a quick slurp of water, half-heartedly reached in for another and then it was like he said ‘That’s it, I’m going in.'”

“You’ve never seen anyone grab camera back up and point and focus and shoot so quickly, I laughed like a hyena afterwards, I was totally not expecting such a scene to unfold before my eyes.

“It was incredible to see such a bug land animal wallow around in the water like a whale, rolling right over – completely submerged.

“We see elephant swimming and playing in the water regularly but not often to this degree.

“While its always lovely to see the other wild animals in the park the elephant remain my firm favourite.

“They are such interactive creatures, always something going on to amuse, laugh at and love.”