Homeless dog with a deformed face becomes internet star after bearing striking resemblance to Dug from Up

A DOG with a deformed face has become an unlikely internet star thanks to his new owner.

Beaux Tox was born with a misshapen skull, leaving his face sunken looking.

@beauxtoxthedog / Caters News

Thankfully the deformity didn’t have an effect on his health, but his breeders struggled to find a full-time home for the cheeky looking pup.

But after being taken into animal lover Jamie Hulit’s Texas home Beaux Tox has gathered thousands of fans online who love his unique face.

@beauxtoxthedog / Caters News

The six-year-old is Labrador – who bears a striking resemblance to the dog Dug from Pixar hit Up – is even the mascot for a local real estate company Hill Country Real Estate.

@beauxtoxthedog / Caters News

Company owner Traci Frasier said Beaux Tox has overcome the odds – including a battle with heartworms – to capture “everybody’s hearts”.

Traci said: “His face just didn’t develop properly. When I saw Jamie posting pictures of him online I knew he needed to be our mascot.

PIC FROM @beauxtoxthedog / Caters News

“Now he is just living the best life. Everybody just falls in love with him.

“He has a special way of capturing everyone’s hearts.

“You just can’t resist him.”

PIC FROM @beauxtoxthedog / Caters News

Mandatory credit: Julie is now raising money to help offset the costs of animal rescue here: https://www.gofundme.com/help-beaux-save-animals.