Hmm… Is it just us, or is this hummingbird symmetrical

Pic by Hymakar Valluri/Caters News

These hummingbirds perfectly symmetrical, making them incredibly pleasing on the eye.

As they can be seen eating from flowers, with their wings spread, the birds appear almost perfectly symmetrical.

The different breeds, including Buff Tailed Coronet and Fawn Breasted Brilliant, can be seen with matching details on either side of their body.

Pic by Hymakar Valluri/Caters News

These hummingbirds were spotted in Ecuador by 41-year-old Hymakar Valluri.

Hymakar said: “I visited Ecuador to purposely take pictures of hummingbirds and various other birds.

“These pictures show the different types of colourful hummingbirds and their behaviour.

Pic by Hymakar Valluri/Caters News

“The Buff Tailed Coronet are found in Ecuador, Columbia and Venezuela – this one is feeding on a hibiscus flower looking for nectar.

“The Fawn Breasted Brilliant is also called Lilac-Throated Brilliant.

“It has a glittery pink patch on its throat which makes it look beautiful and special.

“It is an amazing experience to photograph the hummingbirds – but it is a great challenge to capture them in flight.”