Hippopotamus Fight – Incredible images of bloody hippo clash!

Pic by Joseph Witkowski/Caters News

See the incredible images of angry hippos sporting bloody lipstick due to damaged gums.

The huge beasts can be seen ferociously protecting their territory in the densely populated Luangwa River, Zambia.

Fight and Travel photographer Joe Witkowski, 66, from Missouri, captured the hippos aggressively duking it out.

Pic by Joseph Witkowski/Caters News

The photographer fearlessly got up close to witness the exchange first hand on a good photo spot along the river.

The bull hippo can be seen guarding his small section while the bachelor prepares to attack.

Pic by Joseph Witkowski/Caters News

Joe said: “I loved capturing the brutality of these hippos with their huge teeth on show.

“The Luangwa River has the most compact hippo population in the world, and I set out to capture two of them fighting over territory.”