Hippo-party-bus – Terrapins sunbathe on hippo’s back



These serrated hinged terrapins were trying to find a nice sunbathing spot in a watering hole.

Unfortunately for this hippopotamus, his back was the only good spot.

More than 30 of the turtles swarmed on the hippo’s back in a scramble to get some sun.

And when the giant submerged, they were left stranded in the water until he eventually resurfaced.

The hippo was spotted by Adri Botma, 63, from Lowveld, South Africa.

Adri said: “On a cool morning in the Kruger National Park I spotted a bunch of serrated hinged terrapins hitching a ride on the back of a hippopotamus.

“It was completely covered and there was not room left. I was there for more than an hour and must have counted 33 on his back in total.

“Terrapins, a species of water turtle, tend to frequent permanent waterholes and are often found basking in the sun on logs and rocks.

“In this specific waterhole, the only safe place is on the back of the old resident hippo, who causes quite a commotion every time he goes underwater leaving the terrapins swimming around frantically until he surfaces again.

“I always watch them climbing on hippos at this particular pool.

“They are desperate for the sun and a hippo in the pool is the only thing they can climb on. For me it is always fascinating.”