Hippo caught on camera putting on a show of acrobatics

Graceful isn’t a word that usually springs to mind when thinking about Hippos, but this cheeky chap proves that just like a synchronised swimmer, a hippo can be graceful too.

Taken in Ingwelala Private Game Reserve in Africa, photojournalist Larry Pannell, said it took him a while to spot its movements.

PIC BY Larry Pannell / CATERS NEWS

Larry said: “We watched for a while and then finally, movement, and before we knew it the hippopotamus was moving towards the

“All of a sudden the hippopotamus disappeared under the water.

“Within a minute or so he broke the surface and began to do a somersault.

PIC BY Larry Pannell / CATERS NEWS

“Then in mid-roll he stopped with his feet sticking straight up in the air.”

Looking just like a synchronised swimmer would, Larry said the hippo seemed to know he was taking photos as he put on quite a show.

PIC BY Larry Pannell / CATERS NEWS

The 64-year-old from Laguna Beach, California, said: “I love doing my best to try and tell a story with my photographs.

“To show the world through my eyes, to give those that are not as fortunate as I am a chance to experience other countries and cultures, landscapes and wildlife.”