Hilarious snaps capture rhinos mating in front of skyscrapers

By Kristiana Hall

Talk about sex and the city! These hilarious snaps show rhinos mating in front of skyscrapers.

Highway maintenance worker, Lamak Sheikh, 56, was in for a surprise when he decided to take some city shots at the Nairobi National Park in Kenya.

Two rhinos, along with a rhino calf, had already made themselves at home in his picture perfect scene.

Yet as he shot the images, the cheeky rhinos decided to get up to something a bit less PG.

Lamak, from Kenya, said: “It was lunchtime when I was driving to a picnic site to take my siesta and saw these white rhinos mating.

“It was another lucky day in my time at the Nairobi National Park

“I quickly positioned myself to make the skyscrapers of Nairobi as my background.

“It is surreal to see these gentle behemoths mating from a distance. And whilst they were mating, the baby rhino was nearby.”

The white rhino species are listed as near-threatened, with only three of the northern white rhino remaining in the wild.