Hilarious moment cheeky herd of cows show up at fancy beach on Greek island Mykonos

This cheeky herd of cows couldn’t take the heat of the Greek summer anymore – rushing to one of the most popular beaches on the island of Mykonos.

Amused bathers looked on as the group of cows appeared at Kalo Livadi beach at 2.30pm – the exact time the sands were at their most crowded.

Mykonos has a reputation as a popular destination among celebrities and has a cosmopolitan lifestyle, which made the whole scene even funnier.

The shocked bathers approached the herd – some just to capture them, some others just out of curiosity, while most just panicked.

But the cows were absolutely blissful, playing in the water and even drinking it to cool down from the heat of the island.

Their visit last month did not last more than ten minutes but was long enough for the bathers to snap pictures.

Journalist Fay Bei, 46, captured the animals on camera – and the photos quickly went viral on social media.

Pic By Fay Bei/Caters News

Fay said: “Before we even started to realise what was happening, we watched a big herd of cows approaching the beach.

“It looked like it was a shoot for a scene in a film.

“The cows were just enjoying the water, drinking and playing- it might have been their first time at the beach.

“It was a very impressive thing to see – but at the same time, it caused a lot of panic.

“They are big and stunning animals so could easily cause an accident – either willingly or out of fear.”

Mum-of-one Fay was at the beach with her husband Nikolaos Katsaros, 46, a lawyer and her daughter Elmina, 11, when she snapped the photo last month.

She added: “People were trying to avoid them but still, it was a pretty picture, just the cows enjoying the water.

Pic By Fay Bei/Caters News

“The sweetest thing was that they followed my car, all the way home. It was as if they were thanking me for taking their picture.”

For Fay’s website, go to: fayscontrol.gr