High five hares on the hills

Kevin Morgans / Caters News

Two adorable hares were captured giving a friendly high-five as they frolicked in the hills.

Wildlife photographer, Kevin Morgans, 31, from Merseyside, Liverpool, travelled to the Scottish Highlands, in February this year, to capture the hares at the Cairngorms National Park.

Kevin Morgans / Caters News

Kevin said: “This pair allowed me to sit and photograph them for a few hours, sitting watching them on the hillside.

“The breeding season for mountain hares begins in February and it’s during this period that several males may pursue a single female and if she’s not ready to mate she will ‘box’ them away.

“This is what is going on in the image but I managed to capture the image mid punch so it looks as if the pair are fiving.”

Kevin explained how the hares have become easy to spot due to the abnormally low temperatures in the Highlands, causing the snow to melt.

He said: “This past winter has been the warmest that I can remember in the Scottish mountains.

Kevin Morgans / Caters News

“With very little snow, even high up on the hills, due to warming temperatures, the white hares are easy to spot.

“Their white pelage has evolved over many years to blend seamlessly with their wintry habitats but now the warming temperatures are leaving the hares exposed, increasingly vulnerable to predation and absent of the camouflage that has served them so well.