Hide and squeak mice plays ‘eek a boo’

Pic by Dean Mason/Caters News

A harvest mouse plays its own game of ‘eek a boo as it climb crops in the wild.

Desperately clutching the sheaves of wheat, the tiny mite appears to be trying to blend into the countryside before surprising viewers as it sticks out its snout.

Wildlife photographer Dean Mason, 50, was delighted to catch the images as he scoured the Dorset countryside for his favourite small models.

Pic by Dean Mason/Caters News 

Dean from Ferndown, Dorset said: “The harvest mice are very active for approximately two hours and will expel all their energy climbing up and down any plants.

“They are so free and love to climb about and perform incredible acrobatics.”

Pic by Dean Mason/Caters News 

Dean took the series of over five weeks, in between the masterclasses teaching other snappers about wildlife photography across Dorset.

He said: “My favourite image is the harvest mouse peeping through the wheat sheaf.

“It looks like he is of a shy nature and hiding.”