He’s no Dumbo! Adorable snaps show ‘smiling’ baby elephant convincing older pal to play

These heart-warming snaps show a ‘smiling’ baby elephant convincing an older pal to play – and the pair then larking around in the grass.

The cute set show feisty calf Stompie (Afrikaans for Stumpy) affectionately pressing his trunk against his teen companion in a gentle plea to play.


Unable to resist the calf’s charms the older elephant spent half an hour playing with him, eventually ending up face down on the ground as a delighted Stompie clambered onto his head.

The sweet moment was captured by amateur wildlife photographer Jeni Williams in Addo Elephant National Park in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Jeni from Port Elizabeth, South Africa said: “I loved seeing the interaction between the pair and the self-satisfied ‘smirks’ on their faces.


“Stompie is a very small one-year-old elephant calf who became known for his feisty attitude and the fact that he only has half his tail – nobody knows how that happened.

“He started off by trumpeting and racing around, then charging and headbutting his relative who was trying to eat but eventually gave up and joined in the game.


“He took part by lying down and allowing Stompie to clamber all over him. After about 30 minutes the teenager decided the game was over and stood up.

“The smirks on the faces showing that both thoroughly enjoyed it.”


The 70-year-old gran of two, who has been doing wildlife photography for 10 years, volunteers at the national park and on this particular day had been checking waterhole levels.

Jeni said: “Baby elephants love to play and are frequently seen climbing on top of each other, particularly at waterholes.

“I love spending time at the park and taking photographs.”