He’s bear-ly recognisable! Polar bear disguises himself as grizzly using muddy water to turn fur brown

This polar bear was caught disguising himself as a grizzly – using muddy water to turn his white fur completely brown.

Hamish, who was the first polar bear cub born in the UK in 25 years, has been snapped smothering himself in mud in an attempt to transform into a grizzly bear.

Craig Smith/Mercury Press.

In a fun series of shots, 10-month-old Hamish is seen splashing and playing in the pool in his enclosure at the Highland Widlife Park in Kingcraig, Inverness-shire, Scotland, on September 24.

Dad-of-two Craig Smith, 42, watched with glee as the mischievous youngster churned up all the mud in the pool until he was bear-ly recognisable.

Full-time carer Craig from Dundee, Scotland, said: “When we got to Hamish’s enclosure he was just about to jump back into the water.

Craig Smith/Mercury Press.

“The water is very, very muddy and he was in there playing and churning it all up. He was loving it.

“While he was playing he completely changed colour. All of a sudden he was brown and looked exactly like a grizzly bear. It’s like he was disguising himself.

“The photos have gone down really well with everyone who’s seen them. It’s been amazing.

Craig Smith/Mercury Press.

“They’ve had a great response and it’s no surprise really. Hamish is an absolute cracker, it was so much fun watching him.”

Hamish, whose name was chosen by a public vote, was born at the wildlife park in December 2017 and has been a hit with visitors ever since.