Heroic Divers Save Turtle From Slow Death After Becoming Trapped In Fish Netting

A group of divers have saved a distressed turtle from a slow death after untangling it from a large clump of fish netting.

Theresa Guise, 60, from Indianapolis, USA, took the photos of her fellow divers coming the turtle’s rescue.

She said: “We were looking for blue whales in our boat when we discovered a large clump of fishnet and other material.

PIC BY Theresa Guise / CATERS NEWS

“Peter de Maagt and Alex Mustard, my fellow scuba divers, and I got in the water to look at it and found a turtle trapped.

“Alex held the turtle so that it could reach the surface and easily breathe, and this also prevented it from fighting the rescue – it was panicking and thrashing about, clearly frightened.”

PIC BY Theresa Guise / CATERS NEWS

Peter used a knife to cut the turtle out of the netting and then Alex guided the turtle back to safety.

Peter, 55, from the Netherlands, said: “We were actually looking for whales on our boat trip when we came across the distressed turtle.

“It was, understandably, in panic mode and was flailing about making cutting it free was a bit tricky as the animal was trying to bite.

PIC BY Theresa Guise / CATERS NEWS

“Next, we drifted in a convergence front of rubbish in the Bay of Bengal, the area had a lot of plastic in it and we found another net. This one, sadly, had a shell skeleton turtle trapped in it which did not survive.”

They group also came across another trapped turtle who has suffered severe cuts, but fortunately survived after being freed.

Alex, 44, from Peterborough, England, added: “I think anyone would jump in and help if they found themselves in that situation.

PIC BY Theresa Guise / CATERS NEWS

“Wildlife photographers have a code not to interfere in the natural struggles of animals – we wouldn’t save an animal from its natural predator.

“But when an animal is suffering because of something unnatural caused by humans, then of course we’d all leap in and help.”