Heavy night with your pri-mates? Bleary-eyed gorilla appears to nurse hangover

 This gorilla looks like she’s had a heavy night as she was snapped clutching her head as if nursing a hangover.

Pensive Romina was photographed with her eyes closed and her right hand placed delicately at the temple as if she’s paying for a heavy night on the sauce – or remembering antics from the night before. 


The western lowland gorilla was snapped at Bristol Zoo earlier this month by a regular zoo visitor.

The photographer said: “She was just sat out on the island while her surrogate daughter foraged for food.

“This is their routine, so the keepers can clean their indoor quarters.

“She is the eldest of the family group at 38 years old but plays a very important function, being the surrogate mother to hand-reared two-year-old Afia.


“I know the photos look funny, but I understand that she may have had eye surgery in the past so may have been protecting her eyes from the strong sunshine.” 

Romina was born at Rome Zoo in 1980 and hand-reared by keepers, joining Bristol Zoo Gardens in 2011 at the age of 21 as part of the European breeding programme for this critically endangered species.

Soon after her arrival at Bristol vets noticed her failing eyesight and successfully carried out a pioneering cataract operation to restore her sight.


Romina was born with congenital cataracts and had spent her whole life technically blind, able to make out only very dim outlines.

Both eyes were successful operated on over a period of six months, fully restoring Romina’s sight.

Romina, who is also a grandma, took on the task of raising baby Afia in 2016 after her birth mother Kera fell ill after suffering from pre-eclampsia late in pregnancy.

Baby Afia was initially hand-reared by keepers until nine months old when she was introduced to Romina, who has cared for her tirelessly ever since.