Haring after lunch! Cheetah in high-speed pursuit of hare

This young cheetah was spotted HARING after its lunch in a lightning pursuit of its prey.

The predator caught the hare following a short five-second sprint after startling it from a hiding place in the grass

Jeffrey Wu/Mercury Press

Three unsuccessful attempts to hunt impalas over the past two days had left the cheetah starving.

But after the successful pursuit of smaller prey it was happy to settle down and fill its stomach.

The fast-paced chase was captured on camera by Canadian photographer Jeffrey Wu, who was leading a photography tour in Kenya’s Masai Mara reserve.

Jeffrey, 52, said: “This is one of two young cheetah brothers, both about 20 months old, who have just separated from their mother.

Jeffrey Wu/Mercury Press

“They are young and inexperienced in terms of hunting and in three days of following them we had seen them fail three times to hunt impalas.

“The only food source they could get were some small and easy prey like hares and baby warthogs, but the good news for them was that in the migration season there are plenty of them in the Masai Mara.

“This was one of the two successful hunting scenes we saw and the hare ended up becoming the cheetah’s lunch, it was tense.

“They were very hungry and after they had failed at hunting impalas they were intentionally looking for hares in the short bushes.

Jeffrey Wu/Mercury Press

“As soon as one hare started running it took the cheetah about five second to chase it down and kill it.

“With such a split-second action it’s quite demanding for a photographer.

“I was really pleased with what I managed to capture.”