Happy New Year: Hilarious images show animals from around the world smiling for the camera

It seems that this happy lot have no problem with having their picture taken after being seen smiling for the camera.

Animals Smiling for the Camera

A gecko appears to beam at the camera

Pictured grinning from ear-to-ear, these hilarious images show nature’s greatest grinners in all their glory.

Animals Smiling for the Camera

Happy in their habitat: A baby lion seems more than willing to pose for the camera

Taken by various photographers from around the world, the adorable images manage to capture the animals relaxing happily in their habitat.

Animals Smiling for the Camera

Cheeky monkey: A dusky leaf monkey wears a charming smirk

Whether it’s a grinning gorilla, a smirking shark or even a sprightly sloth, there’s no doubt that these adorable animals are keen to show the lighter side of life.

Animals Smiling for the Camera

A hilarious picture of a frog smiling for the camera

But they’re not alone in their confidence in front of the camera, with a good-humoured gecko and a perky parrot fish all willing to pose for a picture.