Happy feed! Dinner time for adorable penguin chicks

These stunning pictures show adorable penguin chicks being fed by their doting DADS.

Penguin Chick Huddle

The adorable penguin poking out between the feet of its parent

Australian photographer Frederique Olivier, 38, took these amazing shots at Dumont d’Urville Station, Antarctica.

Penguin Chick Huddle

The tiny chicks look just like the famous Disney character, Happy Feet

The heart-warming photos show penguin chicks huddle at the feet of their Emperor penguin fathers, while the male penguins stretch down to feed their tiny young.

Penguin Chick Huddle

Photographer, Frederique Olivier, captured the youngsters huddling together

Frederquiue, who was on a photography project at the time, said: “Capturing this moment was key to expressing the end of the male’s ordeal: they have been huddling together all winter to survive and now the chicks have hatched and need feeding.

Penguin Chick Huddle

Doting Dads surround their chicks to shield them from the wind

“Later the females returned with a belly full of food to take over the feeding duties.”

Frederique had to patiently wait in the extreme cold for hours to get these remarkable shots.

She said: “I’m often immobile and feel like I’m turning into often an ice cube before I get the photo. But lucky days happen, when winds are down, and at least there are many chances to get the right shots.

“One has to be incredibly patient to get the images of the right behaviour, in the right light.

“The focus of photography helps me put up with the extreme conditions, and it is incredible feeling to get the right shots.

“At all times I had to be aware that I was in the pengiuns’ world, not the other way around. They penguins make you feel humble because they are incredibly adapted to the environment that they are in, whereas it is a challenge for us to survive.”

Frederique said: “Hanging around in nature, observing living things has been a passion since I was a kid. The opportunities to go to Antarctica from my early studies furthered my interest as both the light and the amazing wildlife make anyone a good photographer by default!