Happy boxer

Pic by Tamas Szarka/Caters News

A photographer has managed to capture his very happy dog on camera with these hilarious series of images.

Tamas Szarka, from Budapest, in Hungary, took the pictures, of his pet boxer, over the last year at different location across his home country.

Tamas said: “She’s always making funny faces and over time I wanted to capture these precious moments. That’s why I started learning photographer.”

Pic by Tamas Szarka/Caters News 

The images show Strawberry the dogs extreme facial expressions as he enjoys his surroundings.

Tamas, who took up photography back in 2015, said:

“The pictures show Strawberry having fun and frolicking in the forest and rivers of Hungary.

Pic by Tamas Szarka/Caters News 

“The eyes are the most expressive part of an dog face, so I always focus on the eyes and facial expressions.I’m always looking for emotions and expressions in the pictures and if it matches with great light and locations, that is what I’m looking for.

Tamas hopes to plan more future project with his beloved pet and said:

“I’m planning to do series of photos in an Hungarian wood with an actor and the dog and maybe an urban shoot as well.”

Pic by Tamas Szarka/Caters News