Hanging owl-t – Baby owl looks thrilled after landing upside down on a branch 

Christopher Ciccone/Caters News

This adorable baby owl looks thrilled after landing on a branch and hanging upside down after taking its first flight.

Christopher Ciccone, 47, from Massachusetts, USA, watched as the owl take left its mother’s nest and landed on a nearby branch.

Looking rather pleased, he appears to cling on tightly, whilst swinging upside down.

Christopher Ciccone/Caters News-

The images were captured north of Boston situated in a suburban woods.

Christopher, a Project Manager, said: “Sharing the first moments when this magnificent young Barred Owl first explored his new world was certainly a special and rewarding one.

“That afternoon a friend had let me know that the chicks of a nest of Barred Owls were beginning to ‘branch’.

“Upon my arrival, we found the mother owl hunting low to the ground, and two chicks already on branches in nearby trees.

“The last one left the nest and climbed up a branch a half hour after I arrived, as the mother enticed the chic out with a bit of food.

Christopher Ciccone/Caters News

“After feeding, the mother sat with the chick for a while, preened him, and then flew to a further branch where she could watch all her chicks.

“After a while this last chick took its first flight, and even though the flight seemed a strong one for a first outing, he misjudged the landing, and after tumbling through some branches, finally managed to purchase a foothold on a few thin dangling twigs.

“He then took a few moments to look around to compose himself and assess the situation, all whilst remaining upside down.”