Hands off – Grizzly bear raises a paw to swat its mothers behind 

Pic by Shayne McGuire/Caters News

A grizzly bear was caught on camera preparing to smack its mother on her behind.

Shayne McGuire witnessed the mischievous bear cub in the remote location of the Kodiak Island, Alaska.

The seven month old cub appears to follow its mother out of the bush before raising its paw behind her for the cheeky swipe.

Shayne, from San Dimas, California, said: “Dawn was just breaking and my group and I had just pulled up in our boat, as I was stepping out off the boat to shore, I saw a mother brown bear with her two cubs coming out of the bush.

“As I grabbed my camera, one cub stood up on his hind legs and I saw him raise his paw as if to slap his mother on the bum.

“Thankfully he saw me on the opposite shore and stopped mid swing, I knew that if he had gone through with it then no good would have come of the situation.

“Along with its sister, the cubs then played on the shoreline for about 30 seconds before the mother broke up the party and went to fish.”