Hammer time – Intimate close ups of sharks feeding

Pic by Franco Banfi/Caters News 

These amazing photos of sharks are so close-up they could almost be selfies!

Scary pictures of the predators show them weaving their way around the humans and crunching fish heads between their rows of teeth.

Swiss photographer Franco Banfi managed to swim so close his intimate shots of the hammerhead sharks’ grins look like social media snaps.

But in one dramatic photo, one of the sharks looks to be just centimetres from biting a diver.

Pic by Franco Banfi/Caters News 

The pictures were taken off the coast of Barbados in January.

Franco, 58, said: “I like big animals, particularly those that live underwater. I like the challenge of trying to photograph them feeding without using scuba tanks.

“This time it turned out to be not too difficult. After arriving at the right place and weighing anchor, it was not long until the sharks arrived.

“They are considered to be dangerous, but when you are underwater you don’t feel any aggression from them.

Pic by Franco Banfi/Caters News 

“The sharks swim around the divers and go to the guides to get a shack from time to time, and then they slowly drift away.

“There were also nurse sharks and bull sharks. The nurse sharks are the most curious, and will sometimes come up to you and seem to ask for food.

“I was very excited as it was the first time I’d managed to photograph hammerhead sharks.”

Pic by Franco Banfi/Caters News