Hahahah! Hilarious collection of ‘grinning’ ha-nimals is sure to crack a smile

These animals look like they’ve just been told the most side-splitting joke in the world as they show off their huge grins.


A seal appears to laugh so hard that it has to clutch its sides while a deer can even be seen lying on its back with all four legs in the air, seemingly falling about with laughter.


Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the work of nature but actually the work of some clever Photoshop magic.

Kalender Lachen ist gesund2

Ingo Gerlach realised that there is something utterly hilarious about combining animals and perfect, pearly white gnashers.


The photographer was taking some pictures for a dentist, so had a selection of model teeth to choose from to pair with his vast collection of wildlife photographs.

Kalender Lachen ist gesund4

Ingo said: “I had all these pictures of very nice teeth and that’s when the idea came to me – combine these with my animal photos, which are usually pretty funny anyway.


“Besides, I have good humour and am normally a pretty happy guy anyway.

Kalender Lachen ist gesund11

“Funnily enough, my name is Gerlach, and LACH means laugh in German.

“My aim is just to get a little smile out of people with these pictures – that would be my good deed done.”