GRRRRR-ILLA! Hungry gorilla turns angry whilst trying to beat food from toy

A hangry gorilla couldn’t keep his mood under control as he struggled to knock food from his toy.

Linda McPherson captured the moment that the male western lowland gorilla, named Oumbi, went into a rage when he couldn’t reach his food.

PIC FROM Linda McPherson / Caters News

Oumbi, can be seen aggressively hitting the toy in front of him, hoping that the food lying inside would fall out.

However as he continues to try he falls into a fit of ‘hanger’ – where his lack of food can be seen clearly affecting his mood.

Linda took these photographs whilst visiting Twycross Zoo, in Leicestershire.

Linda, 39, said: “Oumbi was slapping the great ball hoping the food would fall out.

PIC FROM Linda McPherson / Caters News

“He climbed up to the top wooden platform for some of his food as the gorillas had just been fed.

“I felt great when I captured these images, because I got some lovely photographs of Oumbi standing up.

“I was able to see how tall this beautiful gorilla is, and Oumbi almost resembles a boxer on these images, the way he was stood with his muscles and the way he was slapping the treat ball.”