Got it licked: Incredible snaps capture moment chameleon captures dinner

When it comes to catching dinner this chameleon has it LICKED.

Lunch time chameleon

The chameleon shoots it tongue towards its prey

Perching on a bulrush reed the hungry reptile waits patiently for a dragonfly to land nearby.

Lunch time chameleon

After waiting patiently on a Bulrush reed, the chameleon wraps its tongue around the dragonfly

And as one does it quickly extends its tongue – wrapping up its meal and swallowing it up.

Lunch time chameleon

The chameleon then tucks into its tasty treat

Snapper Kutub Uddin, 28, uses high-speed camera techniques to capture the split-second action in amazing detail.

Lunch time chameleon

Photographer, Kutub Uddin, used high-speed camera techniques to capture the moment and waited four hours for the split second moment to occur

Dedicated Kutub, who lives in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, waited more than four hours for the intricate shot.

He said: “The chameleon is my pet – I left him on a plant near my house and waited for him to eat.

“When a dragonfly came I captured the  moment using a 100mm macro lens.

“For this picture I spent four hours but finally I was able to shoot the right moment”.